About the Author

2015_AnaProfileBW(SM)Writer: I’ve been writing since I was eleven years old. The first book I finished, The Boy Who Didn’t Eat Vegetables, was a children’s book that is now published on Amazon.com. My second book, Binding Power, I finished during National Novel Writing Month in November 2011, and it’s now available to buy on Amazon.com. The third book, a sequel to Binding Power called Grim Phantasm, is also now available on Amazon.com. For more information about my books, please select the “Books” tab.

Student: I just recently received my Bachelor of Arts in English degree and will soon be continuing on to get my Master’s in Rhetoric and Composition.

Teacher: My career aspirations include becoming a college English as a Second Language (ESL) professor and tutoring English Language Learners (ELL’s).

Reader: I am an avid reader of all things fiction, from short stories, science fiction, space operas, high fantasy, and even historical fiction. My inspiring author was Robert Jordan. After reading his extensive Wheel of Time series at thirteen, I was inspired to write my own novel. 

Gamer: I am an avid gamer! Be it Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Everquest, or Star Wars, I’m eager to play.