The Year So Far

I know I promised weekly posts, and I apologize for not following through. I am prepared, now, to give my progress report for life as a teacher and author, however.

This week is my last week at the college I work at as a writing consultant, freeing up my time for the rest of the month. So, starting next Monday, I will write at least 8 pages every day in Breaking Earth. One of the main reasons I am doing so is because I will be training at my new job as a high school English teacher for at-risk students full time in July, and my available writing time will be sorely lacking.

This is a tumultuous time for me, but I promise you, my readers and followers, that Breaking Earth will be finished by the beginning of June.

As always, thank you for your followship, and don’t forget that my newsletter has exclusive excerpts from Breaking Earth for your reading pleasure as well as handy writing tips. The next newsletter will be sent out later today.

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