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Breaking Earth – DUE: July 2016

The village is destroyed, the Druids loyal to the Chosen One scattered with the ashes of their fallen.

Bartholomew Parker gathers his followers and his Power in preparation for retaliation. The hundreds of Druids lost will be avenged.

The exile is in enemy hands, but he is far from helpless.

Meanwhile, the director of the Universal Bureau of Investigation fights to maintain order in his city at any cost.

A rogue agent wanders the ruins of a fallen Skytower, seeking allies for the fight ahead.

An old psychic must bring his people together before they tear themselves apart.

To the south, an army marches; at its head, a bereaved Druid clutches her obsidian dagger in a white-knuckled grip.

Six forces ready themselves for the final conflict. Some will ally with each other, most will try to destroy the others. Bartholomew must decide whom and what he is willing to sacrifice to achieve the unity he so desperately desires.

The battle between Order and Nature is about to begin.

The Farstrider Logs 

Supernatural meets Firefly in this intense space adventure book series. Captain Meloni Montrose is a bounty hunter. With her crew and her ship, The Farstrider, she travels the galaxies hunting dangerous and mysterious creatures that prowl on the hundreds of colonized planets. Nek, a monstrous, burgundy-skinned, tusked Mongoan is her muscle, paid to protect the crew and serve as mechanic on the ship. Goggles, a thin-boned, pale Parotian with blue, feather-like hair is her brains, who manages the ship as the Systems Technician and serves as the group’s encyclopedia of monsters.

With every job posting, Meloni and her companions answer, seeking excitement and more than a little cash.


This is my newest inspiration! The first book in the series will not be available until after I have finished the Saga of the Answering Storm.

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